Thankfully both Residents and Staff remain free of the virus. Most staff have remained well since we closed to visitors and Jo and I want to offer them our sincere and heartfelt thanks at a time when they are just as much on the front line as NHS staff.

We are being inundated with advice from all quarters, but Rachel has commented how much she appreciates the support being provided by the Care Trust; something we haven’t always been able to say in the past.

As many of you will appreciate we were very quick to close our doors to visitors, some time before the lockdown was announced. We didn’t make that decision lightly, and we were concerned about the impact of that decision on our Residents,  but I’m pleased to say that in hindsight it was the right thing to do.

Given the vulnerability of our Residents to such an indiscriminate and invisible threat I think it fair to say we will take a cautious approach to reopening to visitors when that time comes.

We trust everyone remains well, and don’t forget STAY INSIDE, STAY SAFE!!