Meet the St Omer Management Team

Rachel Lambourne

Registered Manager

I moved to Torquay from Buckinghamshire in 2017 and started working at St Omer as Head of Care. I left St Omer for a short time to work at the hospital, but returned to St Omer in 2018 as Deputy Manager. In Summer 2019 Jo & Ian asked me if I would like to become Registered Manager as Jo will retire at the end of the year. In December 2019 the Care Quality Commission formally confirmed my registration as manager.

I enjoy working closely with the residents and their families and I like the warm and friendly atmosphere.

When I’m not working I enjoy reading, crochet & knitting and walking.

Jo Day

Owner & Registered Provider

Having been born and brought up in Surrey, over the past years I’ve travelled further south and west with each house move, spending 20 years in Somerset then moving down to Devon in 2003.

I retired as Registered Manager of St Omer in December 2019 after nearly seventeen years in that role and  I’m usually to be found walking my dogs or listening to classical music – and making time for trips up to the opera at Covent Garden as often as I can!

Ian Day

Owner & Registered Provider

Prior to owning St Omer, which Jo & I bought in 2003, I spent most of my professional life in Information Technology and Management Consultancy (and the world really just can’t have enough of both of those professions!!?)
I have a deep (and most say a very sad) love of what used to be called prog rock. In recent years I have had the pleasure of seeing again my guitar hero David Gilmour (lead guitarist of Pink Floyd) four times at the Royal Albert Hall. As you can tell I live in the 1970’s and still feel Comfortably Numb.

Why not come and see for yourself?