Care Options at St Omer Residential Home

We have a number of Care Options available, depending upon your need.

Residential Care

If you feel you are no longer enjoying a full quality of life at home you may consider Residential Care. At St Omer we treat every resident as an individual, respecting their individual wants and needs as if they were still living in their own home.
As part of the process of moving in, we talk in depth with both you and your family so that we have a clear and detailed view of your needs, hobbies, interests, former careers, favourite foods and so on.
This all helps us not only to deliver the best possible care for you, but helps us to understand you as a person rather than as an anonomys resident. By preserving dignity, respecting independence and promoting quality of life, we help to create a real sense of home.

Personalised, Individual Care

The initial assessment of care needs feeds in to an entirely Individualised Plan of Care which we constantly monitor and update. This means that – even as your care needs might change over time – you and your family can be sure you are receiving the most appropriate care.

Respite Care

If you wish to remain living at home but would like caring support or if you are a carer and need for a break, you may find a period Respite Care at St Omer to be the answer to your needs.

The cost of Respite Care is dependent upon:

  • the level of care required (this would be determined through a formal assessment of care needs)
  • the level of equipment required to meet care needs and maintain a safe and comfortable environment
  • the type of accommodation (while all of our rooms are en-suite they vary in size, and include double rooms for single or shared occupancy)

We are no longer able to accept vouchers, supplied by Torbay Care Trust under the Torbay Voucher Scheme, for Respite Care.

Day Care

St Omer is also able to offer a limited number of Day Care places. These are available from Monday to Friday.

In addition to companionship we also care, meals, activities, visits and full bathing facilities (assisted or unassisted) to a number of day Residents.

The cost of Day Care is dependent upon:

  • the level of care required (this would be determined through a formal assessment of care needs)
  • the arrival and departure time
  • the number of meals required and any dietary requirements
  • the precise services to be provided (such as assisted or unassisted bath)

Dementia Care

We have both training and experience of caring for those with dementia. You will appreciate that ‘dementia’ is an umbrella term that encompasses many different conditions.

We are able to accommodate most forms of dementia but we are unable to accept those who might pose a significant risk to themselves, our other residents or our staff.

Funding your care

Theses days it is an unfortunate fact of life that most Residents will need to pay for some element of their care irrespective of any funding support from the local authority.

We have compiled a document entitled ‘Funding your Care’ which you may find useful.

If you scroll to the bottom of this page you will find a link to our document library. Within that you will find the document.

One word of caution: we do our very best to try to ensure the accuracy of everything on our website, but rules and financial limits and thresholds are prone to change at short notice. Please do ensure that the information contained in this document is current before acting on it.

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