the wildlife


Over the past few years we have developed a wildlife garden at the rear of St Omer.


So far we have built a series of ponds, linked by a stream, leading via a large waterfall to a fish pond.


A local beekeeper usually maintains a couple of hives in the wildlife garden, and these have developed into a vigorous and healthy bee colony, which provides honey for use within the Home.


For many years we have adopted ex-battery hens. It took us several months to clear a suitable area and erect a 10 by 4 metre enclosure with 'hen palace'. We started with 15 ex-battery hens from the British Hen Welfare Trust, which have been periodically supplemented with additional hens over the years.


Some Residents have 'adopted an ex-batt', and over time we hope to become more self sufficient in free-range eggs.


We also grow fruit and vegetables in the garden, which are put to good use in the kitchen by our Chef.



hens British Hen Wefare Trust